When y o u S T O P growing y o u START D Y I N G." _William S. Burroughs

S T U D I O S C R I V O is a creative development team building authentic, magical projects that invite dialogue around cultural tolerances. We celebrate the collision of vulnerability and innovation. Mediums include the lens, screen, stage, paper and two dimensional forms including books, editorial publications, and fine art prints. We are currently designing a network of sustainable land development projects in the Hudson Valley from which the more humble metamorphosis of our vision can be shared with like minded folk.

Nearly two decades of rigorous production training in NYC combined with 30 years "front of camera" experience give our studio a unique edge. Utilizing the tools of the director while understanding those of the subject are inegral for the marriage of thought form and energetic essence. This is your story!

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

― Thomas Jefferson


Having left Kansas with a suitcase and a guitar, Marc traded the last 10 years for a modest garden, an old volvo, a garage of useful things, a heart of tools, 12 cameras, beautiful baby Rose, and this incredible STUDIO. A classically trained actor, Marc's transition to the other side is an incisive metaphor for his personal journey of self-discovery, discipline and entrepreneurial enterprise. His depth and range of character yield fertile space for his subjects to discover and rebirth themselves. He enjoys food, Sunday morning, and crisp ocean air.


Born in Treviso ( Italy), before he could talk Luigi was already taking pictures while vacationing around the world with his family. He decided to leave his beloved homeland ( and soccer team after winning the World Cup) to develop his photo chops in New York. A strong interest in architecture, he has published two books on this great theme that threads the long history of photography. Luigi occasionally closes CS6 to eat and admits to being in love with a bernese called Maya.


A life of pop culture consumption and roaming around the rural South has bred this documentarian/sound arranger/folklorist. His people were farmers and baptists from the sandhills of North Carolina. He himself had his sins washed away at the age of 13, but it didn't seem to take and he wandered throughout his youth. After fleeing to the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky when he was 18, DBJ learned about life from the locals. Over the years his perspective on life has been influenced by saw mills, weed-eaters, dark rooms & Civil War battlegrounds. He is the son of Ralph Devane Johnson, Jr.


Born in New York City and raised in San Francisco, Peter Kassel is a true bi-coastal artist. Educated in film theory he has taken steps to put his technical skills to use by incorporating his arts and rhetoric education. While attempting to pursue his creative exploits in writing, having an article most recently featured on Refinery 29, Peter continues to focus where his true inspiration lies, in film. With his joining S T U D I O S C R I V O, Peter has been afforded the perfect outlet for his layered and complex skill set, bringing a strange and deep knowledge of art and culture to the already eclectic studio.